now, i'm watching again this drama for the third time, and i'm still crying and emotional for bidam and deokmans love still amazed for mishils cleverness and her beauty, I think she loved the man who treated her as a woman more than the man who treated her as a queen. =))))). being yourself and at ease. Francis Aug 15 2014 5:46 am Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. ITS SO GOOD ! Bekijk meer ideeën over korean drama, 22 december, queen. Very good in dramas, especially the part where her sister died in a cave. mishil is a good choice because of her looks but not so in her other films. Nov 10 2009 7:16 pm It's the best drama I ever seen in my whole life. krissesalvatore Apr 22 2012 5:34 am And I didn't like how Seondok is almost admiring Mishil, even until the end Once she was and her sister died, bidam came along and everyone got hooked again, this time because of bidam. Here in America, this mini-series really rocks (well, in LA anyway!) Undefeated drama.. second to none.. anny Jan 06 2014 10:55 pm Main Role. I am really overwhelmed. I will watch it again because of him.. :), I promised myself I will not get attached to Bidam coz I know what will be his fate. Did Yushin actually marry the daughter of the enemy? The plot is very admirable. Thx, GS. Justin Apr 28 2010 8:00 pm on the other hand, I honestly didnt like yushin. Jan 1, 2020 - Explore Kinkini Morawaka's board "Queen Seondeok" on Pinterest. I really like it. Mar 7, 2010 4 min read. Just love this drama! Bi dam and other actors are excellent . I love u mi-shil......but I hate u....!!! I met some who go out and talk about the drama as if it is real Korean history. With a handsome face and outstanding battle skills, he became the leader of the elite Hwarang corps. . (I think there is something abt that part that was cut or it lack elements to support the action of BD. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched it twice, in fact. i really love QSD's, and I'am also an avid fan. I must say that it's not as great as how most people described it to be but it's not that bad. A great Silla general. I am getting the DVD’s so I will always have this mini-series; love it….thank you for showing it to us here in America!! Episode 84 was the final one for me, I literally cried several times during it, Striker Apr 24 2011 9:55 am You have such a gift and you took this movie over the top. It will be a said day when we do get to watch that show. Chunmyeong was always baffling me, with so much difference between the 2 who played her. I mean whyyyy :( if deokman is gonna die anyway let her die with bidam on her side, without miscommunication please. Alyxandrel Jun 07 2014 9:00 am I absolutely love this drama and now I'm rewatching this, tsillah Sep 22 2013 6:28 am What can I say. hi am from tanzania i like very much this movie except when lord bidam and queen seondeok die this two are the best couple and my best character are lady mishil lord bidam queen seondeok i wish i will see you if god wishes. lhanie argueza Sep 05 2011 8:28 am One of the best historical dramas ever. window.W4GRB = new Object(); I got hooked with Korean drama after watching Jumong, Dong Yi, and The Princess Man. The first, I hate it because I am not understand....... i am watching this for the second time and it still amazes me. This drama is very Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Great Queen Seondeok is the best film that i've ever watched . //