These fleas are small in size around 1/12 inch, they are wingless, six-legged that have the ability to jump almost 13 inches or around 200 times the length of their own body. Fleas on kittens (and on any other animal) can also cause excessive scratching and skin irritation. Here is a step by step treatment method to get rid of fleas on kittens under 8 weeks: Put some warm water in a tub and mix a mild dish washing detergent like dawn. The most obvious sign that there are fleas on your cat, is if you notice that your cat cannot stop scratching itself, specifically their tail and head. Get your hands on a metal flea comb with a fine tooth and then comb your cat from the head right to the tail. Here are some of the treatment methods recommended for your kittens: The first and safest method of flea removal are through bathing. In either case, one of the important things to understand is that kittens need a lot of care especially when it comes to fleas and ticks. Copyright 2017 by I Remove Pest. Comb your cat with a flea comb dipped in a mixture of soap and water. So what type of cat flea treatment can you adopt for kittens under 8 weeks? 2016. This medication does not kill adult fleas but prevents them from reproducing or laying eggs. You need to comb your cat anywhere from 2-5 times a day. Most cats catch fleas from other pets that already have fleas. It’s important to clean the environment as well as the animals — otherwise, the fleas will be a persistent problem. To get rid of fleas on your two-week-old kitten, use natural methods as you cannot use most flea control products on kittens under six to eight weeks of age. “Don’t waste your money on the plastic ones because the fleas just pass right through the teeth,” Rainbolt says. Make a citrus spray to use in an infested area. The dish washing detergent is effective in killing most of the fleas on the kitten’s body and the remaining need to be combed or picked … So, what is the recommended flea treatment for kittens under 12 weeks of age? Safest Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Kittens. There are several ways to kill fleas or get rid of them but prevention is always the first step towards ensuring your cat or kittens are free from them. Since they cannot withstand the effect of fleas and ticks on them. But it is for dry use only. Fleas tend to target and settle on a cats tail and head. It is time for a combing operation! Follow these steps below on how to get rid of fleas naturally. Generally, The Cat flea shampoo will kills fleas, ticks, and lice while being gentle on a pet's skin and they are specially formulated to gently cleanse the kittens while leaving their coats with a fresh scent. Now strain the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle. The nifty white powder functions as a leavening agent in baking, but this natural product had multiple uses outside of food including getting rid of fleas on cats. you can check out seresto flea collar which is the best in providing total flea treatment. 1 Comment / Kittens Health/Care / By admin. Comb your pet to check for fleas Groom your pet with a fine-tooth comb held over a white surface - any fleas or droppings will be deposited on the surface. Lets look at the 3 simple steps to get rid of fleas on kittens. They can also transmit serious diseases. These are basically products that ensure long-lasting tick and flea treatment for pets. Also, be careful the kitten doesn't … Fleas are awful little monsters. Check out the best insect growth regular for flea control in kittens, 3. It is a cheap way to handle the problem. There are a variety of sizes and types of flea combs available. Just everywhere a thickfull fo them and all fat fleas too. Even humans can become victims of the little bloodsuckers. You can also use a mild apple cider vinegar shampoo. Kill or remove these remaining fleas as soon as you see them, and keep checking your kitten to make sure no more fleas return. “Place the kitten back into a warm environment, such as a heating disk or baby blanket,” says Shaw. Drop any fleas that are removed from the kitten into the cup of soap and water. Fleas inhabit those places, which are preferred by your kittens or cats as their place to sleep or rest. Fleas are basically insects that are considered as parasites and the most common flea pest to exist in homes is the cat flea. This is why flea control for kittens is super important. Cute little furballs. Most vets recommend Capstar, which is an oral medication that kills adult fleas but not larvae or offsprings. Gather up all bedding and fabric the kitten may have come in contact with and wash them in hot water. If proper treatment is not put in place then your kitten can even die from anemia and hence killing the fleas is important. You can directly put the capstar fea pill in your cat’s mouth or mix it with food. + Click to see the sources for this article. You will see that it gets rid of some of the fleas, but it is unlikely to get rid of all of them. A kitten’s body is small so there isn’t a large area to cover, and you should be able to remove the fleas with your fingers or tweezers easily. Fleas on kittens also attack other household animals, such as the dog. Before you reach for any flea medicine for kittens, read these instructions. Don’t just depend on vacuuming, steam clean your carpets and rugs. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Exercise caution when bathing the kitten, as baths can be traumatic to a kitten if done incorrectly. Wash them in warm water using a strong detergent like Borax 20 Mule Team Detergent Booster. A flea collar emits a type of toxic gas, which repels ticks and fleas or kills them. | Privacy. Safe for kittens under 6 months. A single dose is enough and it can be given through food or the tablet can be inserted right into their mouth so that they can swallow it. One of the most effective natural flea killers is citric acid, which makes lemon juice a widely-recognized home remedy for treating fleas. Again drop any fleas into the cup of hot, soapy water as you find them. There are several products that help in flea control in cats and kittens and these include flea combs and shampoo. It is ideal to comb your kittens after bathing the kittens with flea shampoos so as to main a health coat that fights against the flea bites and infection​, Check out the best flea comb for cat and kitten in Amazon. However, it is possible that the fleas spread, and that your cat has fleas all over its body. The combing needs to be done gently and you will discover many more fleas that have somehow managed to escape the water and detergent. Here’s the worrying news – an adult female flea is capable of laying almost around 50 eggs a day! Since these fleas exist almost everywhere around you and they reproduce rapidly, it is important to get rid of adults and larvae. “Exercise caution when bathing the kitten, as baths can be traumatic to a kitten if done incorrectly,” says Hannah Shaw, who has fostered many young kittens. Fleas can find their way to a kitten in many ways, even if the kitten is strictly an indoor-only cat. This means they accidently become flea magnets and can bring a lot of fleas from the outside as well. “Treatment of the whole house is essential, including soft furnishings, carpet pile, gaps between floorboards and other difficult-to-reach areas,” according to International Cat Care. Let sit for 2 … Again, newborn kittens need manual flea removal. Left untreated, they can cause tapeworm infestations, as well as transmit a number of blood parasites and yes, even the plague. Follow the advice of your vet. While bathing, ensure the detergent doesn't go into their eyes or nose. Alternative you can use epilady flea zapper electronic flea comb to get rid of fleas from your cat and kitten, A recommended chemical free solution to the flea problem in cats.