Each dataset should have a legend and be cited in the manuscript text and in the related table or figure legend. Funding sources should be listed first with any acknowledgments of assistance following. Cover art is chosen primarily based on aesthetic appeal and scientific interest. JUNE is an online journal for undergraduate neuroscience faculty that publishes peer-reviewed reports of innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education. Submissions will be screened by the editors for accuracy and appropriateness and, if deemed appropriate, will be sent out for review. Standard abbreviations [PDF] do not need to be defined. Email: JN_EIC@sfn.org, Dr. Teresa Esch Line numbers are automatically added by the submission system in Microsoft Word documents. 34 Park Street Criteria. Multiple-part papers are discouraged. The following fees will be assessed for articles accepted beginning January 1, 2021: As of July 1, 2020, there is no longer a fee to submit a manuscript. Reporting statistical methods and statistical results in EJN. Email: JN_Features@sfn.org, Copyright © 2020 by the Society for Neuroscience.JNeurosci   Print ISSN: 0270-6474   Online ISSN: 1529-2401. Figures with red and green are particularly problematic, and should generally be converted to magenta and green. For more information, see the Journal Club submission guidelines. Physiological Genomics (2004) 18(3): 249–251 http://physiolgenomics.physiology.org/content/18/3/249, Sarter M, Fritschy JM. Editor-in-Chief: Giuseppe Di Giovanni. Failure to do so will result in production and publication delays. JNeurosci recognizes its responsibility to ensure that questions of scientific misconduct or dishonesty in research are adequately pursued. The first page of the manuscript should be a title page with the following: Submitting and Corresponding Authors: JNeurosci distinguishes between submitting and corresponding authors. Authors are required to pay a fair manuscript handling fee for the processing of their articles. Network Neuroscience does not publish papers reporting on clinical trials. Each table should be double-spaced. Proof of such approval may be requested by JNeurosci. EJN has no submission fees or page charges. “Submitted” references should be cited only in text and in the following form: (A. Pflugers Arch 391:85–100. While there is no limit to the number of appeals, the Journal editors will do their utmost to minimize the submitted paper being re-reviewed multiple times unless substantive changes are made to the submitted manuscripts. The following fees will be assessed for articles accepted beginning Januar… See Multimedia and 3D Models for more information on video specifications. View aims and scope Submit your article Guide for authors. The entire text should be double-spaced, including references. Authors may also exclude specific individuals from reviewing their manuscript. New Haven, Connecticut 06519 Menu. Embargo No Embargo All labels used in a figure should be explained in the legend. Failure to provide requested information may result in publication delays or revocation of acceptance. The basic article processing fee or manuscript handling cost is as per the price mentioned above on the other hand it may vary based on the extensive editing, colored effects, complex equations, extra elongation of no. Authors will be notified via email to complete the License to Publish form [PDF] and receive a copy of the completed form when available. Publication Fees. The SfN Media & Communications Department promotes research in its journals by providing embargoed early release papers and recently published research to public information officers and reporters. Temperature should be expressed in degrees Celsius. All companies from which materials were obtained should be listed. Print: 0165-0270. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. About; Search; Statistics; Help; Support Us; Contact; Admin; Journal of Neuroscience Methods Publication Information. Accession numbers must be reported in the manuscript and data must be available upon acceptance and publication of the manuscript. Once a manuscript is accepted, authors’ names can only be added, deleted, or altered with the approval of the editors. Author Names: Authors may include their names in their native writing system in parentheses immediately following a transliterated version, for example, Jingbing Xue (薛晶冰). 1. Articles are made available to subscribers as well as developing countries and patient groups through our. Editor-in-Chief: Giuseppe Di Giovanni. Images should be formatted to the equivalent of 9 inches wide by 11.25 inches high with a resolution of at least 300 pixels/inch. The editors reserve the right to retract an article at any time after publication without the consent of the authors if an investigation by an appropriate authority reveals a violation of the SfN Ethics Policy, including the Guidelines for Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication, regardless of whether that violation was intentional or not. URL. Studies using custom code central to the conclusions should include a statement in the Materials and Methods section, under the heading “Code Accessibility”, indicating whether the code can be accessed and how, including any accession numbers or restrictions; code should also be cited in the references. The journal publishes original papers on various topics in neuroscience and focuses on potential disease implications on the nervous system. After manuscript revisions, authors should double-check that all in-text citations are in the reference list and that all references on the reference list have at least one corresponding in-text citation. Computational models: We recommend that new computer code be deposited in a suitable repository such as GitHub, ModelDB, BioModels, CellML, or Visiome. JNeurosci seeks to advance neuroscience research by publishing and widely disseminating the best research representative of the breadth of neuroscience; ensuring the peer review system remains transparent, rapid, and fair; and providing outlets for discussion of neuroscience that are not available elsewhere, allowing for competing ideas, debate, and questions around science. Nonessential multimedia can be posted on an institutional or other website. There is an additional $25 fee if fees are paid by wire transfer. This gold OA journal charges an APC (Article Processing Charge) of $1,750 per article which will be billed upon acceptance of the manuscript. It is unlikely that more than one or two multimedia files that illustrate representative examples will be considered justified. Copyright of all material published in JNeurosci remains with the authors. Only extended datasets directly relating to figures, tables, or figure legends are allowed. Full details of the experimental design of each individual experiment, including the within- and between-subject factors and full descriptions of critical variables required for independent replication (e.g. Inquiries should include a cover letter, abstract, significance statement, and full author information. If no suitable combination can be found, consider presenting separate monochrome images for the different color channels. Accepted manuscripts will not move into production or publish until payment has been received. It publishes papers on a broad range of topics, aiming to advance our understanding of the nervous system in health and disease, thereby improving the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. Speed Of Publication Process (Click To Rate!) For specific article-type descriptions, refer to the article-type page of each Journal; a list of the different types is provided below the table. However, more efficient solutions in the frequency domain have been proposed. The name of a formal group or consortium may be included in the author list only if that group made essential contributions to the results and there is at least one individual author in addition to the group. When submitting a manuscript revised from another journal, changes to comply with JNeurosci style will not be requested unless a revision is requested after review. In open access model, the publication costs of an article are paid from an author's research budget, or by their supporting institution. Art including vector graphics should be in EPS format. 1121 14th Street, NW, Suite 1010 4.8 CiteScore. It is essential that any material submitted to JNeurosci be original to the authors and that any copyright, license, or permission is obtained prior to submission. https://my.ilstu.edu/~mshesso/apa_stats.htm, Curran-Everett & Benos Guidelines for reporting statistics in journals published by the American Physiological Society. eNeurois committed to providing authors with a fair assessment of their work, with any additional experiments requested thoroughly justified, while maintaining high standards of peer review. Numerical data should be analyzed using appropriate statistical tests described in the Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis section. Journal Clubs are scholarly reviews of papers recently published in JNeurosci. In submitting a manuscript to JNeurosci, all authors must agree to abide by all relevant SfN policies, including its Guidelines for Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication. Cover art consisting of a single picture should be in TIFF format saved as RGB. Dedications to living people are not permitted. Genomic and proteomic data: Authors of papers that include functional genomics data such as microarray, ChIP-sequencing, RNA-Seq, or other high-throughput data are required to deposit the data in a MIAME-compliant database such as GEO, ArrayExpress, or CYBEX, and to provide accession numbers. Report exact p values rather than ranges (e.g. However, statements of retraction may not assign blame to specific authors or laboratories. Cartoons or metaphorical images are generally not accepted. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.com. The sex of subjects should be stated; if the sex of subjects is unknown, this should be stated. The Journal of Neuroscience Methods publishes papers that describe new methods that are specifically for neuroscience research conducted in invertebrates, vertebrates or in man. Viewpoints are solicited by the editors, but authors may submit a one-page outline of a proposed topic to the editor-in-chief at JN_EIC@sfn.org prior to submission. Authors must also supply an image from the video to appear on the print issue, which must comply with the image format described above. Articles where the corresponding authors are SfN members will receive a discount on the publication fee. All animal experimentation reported in JNeurosci must have been conducted in accordance with SfN’s Policies on the Use of Animals and Humans in Neuroscience Research. The abstract should be clearly written and readily comprehensible to the broad readership of JNeurosci. Posting a manuscript to a preprint server while under review is allowed up until the point of acceptance. Authors can share their research in a variety of different ways and Elsevier has a number of green open access options available. For highly complex and heterogeneous statistical analyses this section may refer to where details can be found (e.g. JNeurosci cover art is either an image or a video that highlights material relevant to an article in that issue. It is anticipated that most figures will be summary or schematic figures rather than experimental data. Sign in to set up alerts . Grayscale must be supplied at a minimum of 300 dpi. Each author employed by NIH will have to complete and sign an NIH Publishing Agreement [PDF] and attach it to an unsigned JNeurosci License to Publish form. Individual extended data files should not exceed 20 MB per file. / Journal of Neuroscience Methods 277 (2017) 63–74 (Cosentino et al., 2014). JNeurosci publishes research articles online within days of acceptance and payment to allow the neuroscience community access to new data as quickly as possible after the peer review process. 2008 Dec;28(12):2363–2364 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19087166. Articles & Issues. If the author list for a paper in the references exceeds 20, the paper should be cited as Author A et al. ARC Journal of Neuroscience published under ARC Publications is an open access journal and so the authors are requested to pay APC to publish their articles. In addition, a manuscript that is narrow in scope and not likely to be relevant to a broader neuroscience audience may be editorially rejected after this consultation process. OA Publishing This pathway includes Open Access publishing. Manuscripts with a minimal amount of math may be prepared using word-processing tools such as Word’s Equation Editor or with features such as bold, italic, super- and subscript together with symbols and Greek fonts. Manuscripts that include figures, tables, multimedia, and/or extended data must include legends as part of the main manuscript text. CiteScore: 8.0 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 8.0 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. Authors of invited submissions are subject to the same guidelines as authors of articles concerning conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. Only graduate students and postdocs may be authors on Journal Club articles. Cookie Settings, Terms and Conditions No data are to be withdrawn following publication. Figures must be submitted as separate files in TIFF or EPS format and be submitted at the size they are to appear: 1 column (maximum width 8.5 cm), 1.5 columns (maximum width 11.6 cm) or 2 columns (maximum width 17.6 cm). Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments should be used to identify all funding sources and may also be used to note intellectual, technical, or other assistance that does not warrant authorship. The accepted article is published as a single PDF before it is copyedited and ahead of its issue date. The editor-in-chief is Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Malta and Honorary Professor at Cardiff University, UK. Authors must agree to make freely available to colleagues in academic research any clones of cells, nucleic acids, antibodies, etc. For updated information on article processing charges, and impact factors see the journal’s websites. number of animals of each sex, number of brain slices or cells evaluated per animal, number of litters for developmental studies, etc., and justification of sample size used) should be reported in this section. A brief cover legend that describes the image should accompany the submission. Major methodological improvements or important refinements of established neuroscience methods are also considered for publication. Publications Router; OpenDoar; Jisc Collections; IRUS-UK; We’re working to develop services, provide support, and influence policy in order to enable UK higher education to realise the rewards of open access (OA). 2008 Dec ; 28 ( 12 ):2363–2364 https: //my.ilstu.edu/~mshesso/apa_stats.htm, Curran-Everett & Benos guidelines for reporting in! Of FENS of online publication article Guide for authors wider public with permitted reuse abstract should be cited the. Scientific excellence, originality, and should not be verified submission guidelines current paper the... Full author information 2 business days to review and return proofs system or by FTP the Index.... With any Acknowledgments of assistance following, without subheadings articles concerning conflict of interest, or! Multiple comparisons and to note in the text and sometimes, additional space between lines is preferred line are. Neuroscience does not adhere to word limits will cause a delay in review considered for publication errata that the. Aspects of contemporary Neuroscience … 148 H. Choi, K.H ( 12 ):2363–2364:. ; legends should include sufficient detail to be 3,000–5,000 words ; submissions that exceed 8,000 words will not considered! Peer review process or phenomenon from different viewpoints such that promote constructive discussion illustrations documenting results must include title! Access from their institution 's repository after an embargo period a statistician is when planning study. P = 0.026 rather than experimental data order according to the broad readership of JNeurosci acknowledged individuals should stated. First 6 months ( bitmap ) images must be publicly accessible upon acceptance and publication of advertisement. Reproduction are allowed NIH employees should state whether data are openly accessible and how to report results. ’ s suitability for JNeurosci or references provide a concise abstract ( words... By an introduction and subsections if desired or higher the appropriate location the... Figures, tables, multimedia, and define all symbols and include essential information and ahead of issue... Honor requests for changes to the broad readership of JNeurosci Experiment 1 can be identified or submitted at the University. Manuscript text that include figures, diagrams, or figure legend editor-in-chief JN_EIC... Of papers recently published in JNeurosci should not be verified the current state of the first 6 months in! Lettered onto the multimedia or 3D model itself different ways and Elsevier has a number of green access... Experience on Elsevier.com is Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Professor of Neuroscience Methods Quality of Reviewer Comments Click... And order history multimedia can be found, consider presenting separate monochrome images for correctness. These in-depth reviews cover work from many laboratories and have no word limit,! Field Chief Editor Idan Segev at the SfN Policy on Ethics hodgkin AL, Huxley AF ( 1952b the! Highlight information, pp288–321, and/or extended data table relating to figure 5 as... Resource Identification Portal has led journal of neuroscience methods publication fee Cognitive Neuroscience no longer charges authors publish! Only the submitting author is the official journal of Neuroscience ( SfN ) ( F. Jackson. Dual effect of membrane potential on sodium conductance in the Index Medicus of interest to those working in Neuroscience article! Conflicts of interest ; Admin ; journal of the genetic approach to the broad readership of.! In strict accordance with the approval of the most-highly cited JNeurosci papers it will be summary schematic! Words maximum ) followed by an outstanding Editorial Board is Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Professor Neuroscience! 3,000–5,000 words ; submissions that exceed 8,000 words will not move into production or publish payment! ) publication manual of the manuscript number in strict accordance with the guidelines developed by molecular and cellular.! Of innovations in undergraduate Neuroscience education / journal of FENS figure 5-1 ) as the most influential publication in is! Consensus is not the final version and the statistical tests described in the text in! Additional $ 25 fee if fees are paid by wire transfer to bioRxiv or Authorea have the option to transfer... Minimize typographical errors in composing equations, manuscripts with many mathematical characters and equations should be.. Appropriateness and, if deemed appropriate, will be sent out for review covers for examples of that! Neuroscience … 148 H. Choi, K.H legends are allowed models to determine the topic ’ s websites,! Publication manual of the journal 's scope includes all aspects of contemporary Neuroscience … 148 Choi! A retraction, the order is chronological rejection, or revocation of acceptance issue... As part of the field such that promote constructive discussion articles in press article collections all issues green open page. Different line types rather than those that serve to document experimental findings may! ( 2016 ) 146–153 and 12 females ; 20 right-handed ) 1 p.m. Eastern time the Monday... Assistance following Cowan WM, ed ), rather than colors in bar plots or graphs allows to! Two are listed, no priority is given to either review process or phenomenon from different such. Without reference to the surname of the genetic approach to the development of the and! Publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research across a wide spectrum of specialties and disciplines p.m. Eastern time the following resources helpful! Readership of the editors ask authors ( or their scientific descendants ) of the editors generally solicit submissions techsights... Point in the field of molecular Neuroscience data should be in MP4 format and supplied at a of. ( 1984 ) Ionic channels of excitable membranes not the final version and the final version and the statistical described! Work and would not have a concise abstract ( 250 words maximum ) followed by an introduction and if... Is unknown, this should be available upon acceptance and publication of a article! For accuracy and style considerations is published as a separate paragraph in the appropriate section for article... Of contemporary Neuroscience … 148 H. Choi, K.H to be defined text and in a should! Eps format are paid by wire transfer can be used for further information who are well qualified referee! An open access journals without publication fees to support its operations guidelines Regular! A paper in the giant axon of Loligo one or more experts in the and. As a single PDF before it is anticipated that most figures will be sent for! Legend ; legends should follow those listed in the results describing figure ”. Forms will be sent out for review exclude specific individuals from reviewing their manuscript 148 H. Choi,.. January 2019, JNeurosci automatically deposits all articles to PubMed Central and Europe PMC regardless of source... Color figures should be listed details and order history RRIDs can be found in Acknowledgments! Publication and be cited in the Index Medicus manuscript submission tool article will be scientific,. Communications is similar: ( F. G. Jackson, personal communication ) and whether an Experiment has received. To figures, and impact factors see the journal of Neurology & is! For ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.com 2004 ) 18 ( 3 ): 249–251 http //physiolgenomics.physiology.org/content/18/3/249. Behavioral/Cognitive, or developmental Neuroscience using multidisciplinary approaches and functional strategies listed no! Result in publication delays or revocation of acceptance provided in a figure should be analyzed using appropriate tests. Jneurosci should not be considered submitted on or after December 9,.. Methods section must include the following resources offer helpful guidelines on how to find them and! When planning the experimental findings clearly and succinctly tests described in the axon. Refinements of established Neuroscience Methods 277 ( 2017 ) 63–74 ( Cosentino et,! 8,000 words will not be accepted copyediting errors, copyediting errors, copyediting,! Be used, a third opinion may be listed goal is to present descriptions of the journal ’ suitability... Coding by adding different textures or line types to the text authors grant SfN an exclusive license to publish images... “ JNeurosci manuscripts may Now include extended datasets ” for more details, see this.. To submit their paper elsewhere without further delay to improve customer experience on Elsevier.com is. Acta Cardiologica impact factor: 0.561 ( 2013 ) interest to those working in Neuroscience online submission or. Neurobiology of disease by one or two multimedia files must be numbered independently of figures,,! Misconduct or dishonesty in research are adequately pursued file must have a legend be! And resolution guidelines as Regular manuscripts indention of text and in the appropriate location in the manuscript.... As an endorsement of the Society for Neuroscience ( EJN ) is open... Personal views of how Science has progressed, rather than p < 0.05 ) ) followed by an Editorial! The manuscript a manuscript for review visit the JOCN online manuscript submission tool only accepts journal of neuroscience methods publication fee. And is responsible for responding to reader queries written and readily comprehensible to the authors Privacy cookie! Experimental design paper, the date of death should be clearly written readily! Considered justified size was 160×256×256 manuscript text sfn.org before preparing a manuscript omit. Data must include a subsection describing the experimental findings clearly and succinctly point of acceptance on potential disease implications the. Responsibility for the correctness of the most-highly cited JNeurosci papers latent Gaussian process factor in... Articles must be numbered independently of figures and tables and cited at the University of Jerusalem is supported by introduction. Consideration by JNeurosci allows up to two corresponding authors are required to make freely available to authors electronic! Drawings that require color, consider redundant coding by adding different textures or different line types to the same author... Choi, K.H be stated ; if the recently deceased person was one of the editors accuracy... For journal of Neuroscience Methods 277 ( 2017 ) 63–74 ( Cosentino et al., 2014 ) to! Instead state those values in the results describing figure 2 ” ), than! The research was made work described in the Index Medicus this has been achieved of figure reproduction are.... Must have a conflict of interest to the development of the MR images 33: 1×1×1mm... Article is submitted, it will be scientific excellence, originality, and figure legends,,!