We supply a range of portable, semi-permanent, permanent and custom designed wheelchair access ramps from 1 meter to 20m in length. Learn more about portable wheelchair ramp, specs for wheel chair ramp, building a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair ramps construction, wooden wheel chair ramp. Also, the ramps come with guides and instructions for permanent installation. We understand that deciding on which product is worth the hard earned money is a headache, we are dedicated into our work and we do hope that what we share with you on this site would help save your time and stress. ORFORD Utility is another outstanding ramp that suits seniors or handicapped people using motorized chairs. With an extra 6″ width beyond the typical Single- or Multi-fold ramps, a patented center joint hinge, and several more safety features, this ramp offers accessibility and peace of mind. With different sizes, styles, and types of ramps, it might be a challenging task to settle on a particular brand. This Mefeir 6′ Portable ramp is made with light and strong aluminum alloy that makes it durable to give long-time of service when you buy it. The ramp has a strong and sturdy aluminum body that makes it long-lasting. Regain your mobility with our selection of high-quality, portable wheelchair ramps. Have an able-bodied assistant visit an unfamiliar destination first to determine if a portable wheelchair ramp will be required. Select one of our portable wheelchair ramps for sale to enjoy great benefits, such as increased comfort and a reasonable price. This ramp is designed for use in high-traffic areas. The manufacturer of this ramp built it with safety in mind due to the black frosted skidproof surface that prevents skidding thus fewer accidents. The ramps are durable, portable, and they’ll exceed your expectations when it comes to mobility. Call us at This ramp has an incredible 800-pound weight capacity, one of the highest we’ve ever come across for a portable wheelchair ramp, resulting in durability you can count on. Make your business, home or residence more handicap accessible with a Single-fold models are suitable for mid-height inclines and they’ll maintain their length even when folded. If your mobility is limited, your need for an accessibility ramp travels everywhere with you. Portable Wheelchair Ramps – Reviews & Buying Guide 1. For enhanced stability and security, Ruedamann 6′ ramp has raised rails and attaching lips that prevent cases of slipping. It’s lightweight thus allowing you to easily carry from one place to another. Its black non-slip traction grip makes it an ideal option to everyone. Do your portable ramps come with a lip? It’s recommended for use with both wheelchairs and scooters. With a light weight of between 6 and 28 pounds and only 15 inches in width when folded, they are a convenient solution for walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, crutches, strollers, and more, EZ Access Traverse™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramps, Multifold and Trifold ramps are great for heavier duty applications with a higher rise. Drive Medical Portable Wheelchair Ramp, 7. As such, having a portable wheelchair ramp is an excellent addition to your property. Gain easy access with a portable folding ramp from our disabled ramp range. Portable wheelchair ramps come in a variety of lengths ranging from 2-12 feet so they can accommodate a variety of heights. It’s durable and measures 2 by 6 inches ensuring that you get long time of service when you buy it. Model #GATEWAY3G 10. You can choose to install ramp permanently to allow for safe and easy movement. They bring about many advantages in terms of mobility for elderly and disable people. You’ll typically want a portable wheelchair ramp to get up multiple steps or inside a vehicle, and a threshold ramp to get into a sliding door, front door, or up a single step. Find your best removable wheelchair ramp The model is made of durable and sturdy aluminium material, so you can be sure of long-lasting performance. Experts recommend a 1:12 ratio when using wheelchair ramps, meaning there’s a minimum of 12 inches for every inch gained. Portable Wheelchair Ramps. Portable wheelchair ramps for your home, school, or business from Express Ramps. Its 6-inch length allows the users to move through all elevated surfaces like sidewalks, vehicles, and porches. It comes with handles that allows easy carrying from place to place. What’s more, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s very easy to remove and place. The DMI Portable Wheelchair Ramp is a retracted and adjustable ramp that you should not miss at home. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you select the best products that guarantee safety and usability. We realize that sometimes you need it yesterday, so we’ll do our best to make that happen. It’s foldable thus easy to store or carry from one place to another. We believe everyone should enjoy freedom of movement, no matter their limitations. We feature the best price, best selection, and free shipping on select products. They’re available in lengths between 3 and 5 feet, and caregivers can easily unroll them for secure storage. Moreover, our products provide complete safety and maneuvering ability. They don’t require any tools or prep work: just unfold your ramp in the desired location. The ramp has a non-slip resistance texture that makes it safe to use due to minimal cases of accidents. Clevr 3′ Extra Wide Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp, 5. However, you shouldn’t use the price to determine the quality of ramps, but ensure that you get value for your investment. It’s stronger than any other type of wheelchair ramp you’ll find on the market. With multiple ways to fold and store, this flexible options gives you more length than a singlefold ramp while still saving space. The anti-corrosive nature of this ramp keeps it in shape even after a long time of use. The Mefeir 6′ Portable ramp has an anti-skid back design that allows it to stay on the stairs more securely and steadily. If you’re looking for limitless way to move around with your wheelchair, buy this Mefeir 6′ Portable ramp. 99 ($209.99/Count) 99 - $274.99 $ 274 . Ramps permit wheelchair users, as well as people pushing strollers , carts , or other wheeled objects, to more easily access a building, or navigate between areas of different height. The EZ-ACCESS SUITCASE wheelchair ramps is a favorite among people because it’s easy to store and use. Could you please advise if you have one or more Canadian distributors for your product that we could contact for pricing?